anthropology with programmers in it

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:: code::anth

Code::Anth is an attempt to combine coding(0) and anthropology(1)
if 0 is making software, and 1 is researching people, what could the intersection between them be?
that's what we are trying to find out
you are welcome to be a part of it

:: who?

Gui Heurich started and currently leads the project

:: ruby

Code::Anth currently focuses on the ruby community
ruby is a language created by Matz in Japan in 1993

if you are a ruby dev and want to be interviewed for the project, please email us at and we'll be in touch

:: in the past

we've had a busy reading group in 2020/2021
the next reading group will be in 2022 you're welcome to join it, just email us

Yes, but why?